How to travel in style

When it comes to travelling without worries, being prepared is always a good idea. That is why I am investing in good luggage lately. Normally I’m always taking a lot with me (read: big suitcases I barely can carry myself), but by doing some longer city trips during my Erasmus, I really learnt the skills to pack light. That is why I am in love with the latest addition to my travel bags. It’s black, not too big and most of all, easy to take with you. Of course, it’s Kipling’s weekender ART M. 


5 ways to be more sustainable next year

The coming year is going to be challenging for me as one of my new year’s resolutions is not to buy fast fashion any more. Wait what? Yes, that means no more going to Zara or H&M or any other chain that is producing thousands of pieces of garment year after year. Sustainable? I don’t think so. That is why, in 2017, I will only be hunting forgotten treasures in second hand shops and supporting sustainable and fair brands. How I am doing this?


Granada: my new home

When I started studying applied language studies at my uni in Ghent, I knew that I had to go abroad half a year in my third year. As you know, time always flies by and without realizing it, I had to choose my destination. Knowing that I love different cultures I decided to leave everything behind and move to the beautiful city of Granada for half a year.